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Bob's Pool Service
Serving California Since 1984
Best Service for your Pool and Spa Needs.

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Bob’s Pool Service

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   Weekly Full Service:

  • Netting of Debris
  • Vacuum bottom of Pool and/or Spa
  • Brushing Walls for algae build-up (Pool/Spa)
  • Clean Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Check Pool and/or Spa for Chlorine, Salt, and PH levels and apply appropriate chemicals

Additional Services: (priced separately)

  • Filter Cleanings (recommended 2 times per year)
  • Shock Treatment
  • Algae Treatment
  • Conditioner (recommended annually)
  • Repairs

Weekly service will keep your pool clean and clear all year round!

Just a phone call is all it takes, we can give you an estimate while you are on the phone!

We are friendly, reliable and experienced.

discounts available for chemical only service in most areas

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